Saturday, 3 March 2012

Road run 2012 ❤O❤

Today I went to school road run, 3km !! @@
First, run and run, then walk and walk.
Lastly I go by bas !! XD
Damn tired lar boss.

My number DOO6
My group name is Delima, this year win for the seluruhan ! ohhyeah ! I happy too ! :D
Delima Delima Delima ; Red colour !
Argggh ! Because of last night rainy, then our field is wet ! and the soil add up water, my shoes all dirty ! :@ I damn angry and sad, When I step I cried and shouted .
=0= My shoes...=0=

11 ++, We can go back already.
Then my friend and I went to KFC for lunch, *I didn't had my breakfast* TT
We eat happily and laugh louder :X
HAHA ! We sit upstair, but I think downstair ppl also can listen our voice :P

Today is a nice day, happy, laugh, tired !
I hope next year again ! I wanna get into top 20.
Try my best la ! HAHA

Today my dear birtday. YAP JING WEN #
Happy b'day and I love you ~ <3 :D
You want bear bear as your present ar ? Hug me enuf lar. :P

Today is WANG LEEHOM concert live in MALAYSIA too ! T^T
Every concert I also can't attend ! I like his song!
Had a good show tonite dear !

Bye @ Click nuffnang ads :P

Love love love k-pop song ! = 目

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