Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tuition T-T

Today is a unlucky day :(


My dear tuition friend, Waikwan !
She is cute and clever ! :3
Today she said taht she very cold, at last, she sick T^T
Take care yarh ^__^
Today I wake up on 8sumthing one, but sleep back until 11 sumthing
12pm got tuition, I faster wakeup and go out ~
I tuition until 2.30pm,then I went to make glasses.
On the way was raining, I didn't bring umbrella.:(
I was wet and cold, Not enough time going back home.
I just walk go again tuition at 6pm.
8pm reached home, eat and bath.
Home is the most safe and warm place ! #

Tomoro hanq out with my aunt at Timesquare !
Hope tomoro had a nice day :D
OWC ; I tomoro try no wear contact lens and go out =P
I think I can ! believe me =D


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