Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hello :D

Hee !!! I'm back, Long time didn't update my blog because of PMR exam and also my computer got problem. Mant thing to blog but without picture ): Coz I lazy to put, too much picture :o

I will start my story since my birthday 19 of September !
It's is a nice day for me XD my favourite day :P
Before my birthday, my buddy Winni Ko Shiau Chwin clebrate with me at SR, haha, I eat alone the cake, coz she said can't share a cake with the birthday girl! LOL = =

It's wednesday, first I thought not going to school, but got someone told me got surprise for me at school, so I need to go school! I entered my class then my classmates gave me present then sang birthday song for me! OMG, I'm so so so shy lah :$ Thx them lah ^^
 They bought a cake for me, I damn shy, they shy too! Hahaha, Really thx them so much who bought the cake for me ! Thanks you :*

After school, my primary school's friend clebrate birthday with me at Black and White cafe! She bought cake also, omg -.- so many cake for this year ! Thx my dear Karisa Teoh ^v^ Had a great day with my friends, I love them so much, really touch ! ;D

Then, my sister also got buy a cake for me SR cake again! I'm getting fatty lah! Anyways, thx my sis ;D
I glad to say again thanks you to all who wish me happy birthday and all my beloved friends !

Next, I be in love :p He born on 24 of June der ! Haha! Don't want write him first :P

Then, 23 of September I went to queue for the ONE FM CONCERT - THE ONE CONCERT, I waited for long long time, tired and hot !!!! Then I went to the concert on 29 september, I'm late then the ticket useless also wtf I queue very tired one they said fulled ady == Then I go find a place I watch lo, Somemore near ! Haha, B1A4 so so cute and handsome ! Haha, Damn love them, they the last group came out -.- Apink also very pretty ! Really tired day, but happy !
After this, I won T-ara showcase ticket for my friend TSEN RING KEE XD
Then, I go with him on 3 Octorber, the showcase 1 hours more only then finish ady zz But We enjoyed ! Haha, after that I met my primary school friend Amy Lim ! We very strange when met, hahaha :$ She said I didn't change still same face !

Then, PMR reached ~~~~~~
Damn stress for my BM, first day right, I think until I wake up early in the morning without alarm ! I essay that I read did'nt out also !! Dont believe tips !! liar !! add on, the novel part is form 2, really angry and dont know what to do == haiz

Stress and stress finally PMR is over ~~~~~~~
I can't feel very happy after PMR over, no mood >.>
Because didnt go clebrate also.

Then then then, I'm going to meet my darling Chan Wai Kwan Haha, english version for you ar soh porr many grammar mistakes lol ! Miss her so much, hahahahahaha, Don't worry about PMR ady lah ! Be happy ^^

Tmr I'm going back my primary school, Can meet many friend ady, must take many picture ;D
I hang out this 3 days, my legs damn tired ! @@
I think still got many thing and event to write lah, picture next time i put ^__^

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Friday, 10 August 2012


Hi guy ! It's time to blog. I try to design my blog and try to use good english to write my blog. It's hard for me, but I'll try my best. Trial exam is over and I got my History subject 88, Ihope I can get A in all subject but is IMPOSSIBLE :(

2010 until 2012, Did I changed alot ? Hair and face ?
Haha, I miss my short hair feel like want to cut but I scare I will miss my long hair back.
Today didn't go to school because everyone is not going and wanna relax and home.

Today I can go watch Step-up Revolution one ! But my friend's mummy don't let, So sad.

August left 2weeks, September is coming, left 1 month to go. PMR IS COMING :O
My birthday also coming, WHO WILL CELEBRATE WITH ME ?
My aunt the one who call me just now talk about b'day wanna go celebrate because she early me three day b'day.
I hope my friend holding a birthday cake and sing a birthday song for me, That's enough for me ;')
FRIENDSHIP, I don't know what is friendship, my friendship sink ady.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bon-odori 2012 ♥

Today went to Bon-odori 2012 with dear friends @ Panasonic Stadium Shah Alam
Today is Valentine, MTVWorldStage and also Bon odori ! XD
Happy today :3

On the bus to the way Bon odori <3

So many ppl went Bon odori, damn hot !
So hard to buy food because too much ppl. :S
I only drink water and eat ice only T^T
Buy nothing D:

Had fun with them, play, talk laugh !
Before home is the most excited ! My friend with her BF XDDD
Dance together with many ppl also nice !

I love my friends so much <3 Wish still got chance go out together !
BFF :D I love take pictures and leave some memories :D

That's all ! I'm tired ! Goodnight =*

Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy 80 B'day to my beloved Grandmother ♥

30/6/12 @翠恆酒家 celebrated my lovely grandmother 80 years old b'day
I wish my granmother can happy, healthy and rich everyday.
I love her very much, she the person who take care me from small.
Thx you very much dear grandma !
I love you much as I can :D

My beautiful grandmother with the beautiful cake too !
She really touch when everyone singing Birthday Song and kiss her :$
She shy too .. :$
祝嫲嫲福如東海,壽比南山 ; 健健康康,平平安安。
真的很難忘的一天 !
蛋糕很美,也很好吃 ~
嫲嫲和媽咪弄得紅雞蛋,好意頭 !
My daddy kissed my grandma :*
My dad is the youngest in the family, My grandma live with us too.
So, our relationship is the most good ^^
My daddy the first ppl who kiss her, everyone also followed. HAHA XD
My pretty mommy and handsome daddy.
My sisters, 2 grandma and I :D #

Whole family - Tan family.
Got some absent, not so perfect.

Sistars ~
At last, my picture taken on the way

That all for today. Need study now. Trial is coming.
Time left for Trial is 1 month
Time left for PMR is 3 month.
No more time to play, is this to work hard !
But I still fall a sleep when revision in the afternoon :(
I will fulled my July with some activities.
Let's fight for PMR together !


Sunday, 24 June 2012

I love this weekend ♥


120623 Family saturday :3
Went to Festival City Kuala Lumpur with sisters, Had ShiLin Taiwan Food add on Chatime.
Haha, That day really FULLED.
Then, cousin's house hand-made PANMEE
Really had fun ^^

Sunday- Meet my lougong Babu kia

120624 @ Times square, Kuala Lumpur

Today hanq out is because First wanna meet my dear # YAP JING WEN :$
Second is feel wanna buy thing # bag
Third is feel wanna see the 校草 competition # Handsome guy XD
Four is feel wanna watch movie # MIB 3 AND madagascar 3

At least when to cheong K # Sweat -.-
Dear, First first I don't want go in is because of not so '熟' with your friend then can't enjoy 99 :/
I can cheong K until damn crazy and shout loud loud der -.-

Picture taken @ Sushi King Ts

Cheong K time :) with dear :)
Not so nice :( She dunwant take good good with me :(

See, 扁嘴 :(
Last, my new profile picture on Facebook and Twitter ! :3
Long time no change coz lazy take picture -_-
That all for today and tmr is BadMonday # T^T
Tell myself need to try my best and big smile everyday :D

Thx you my dear today, Woi fanshu I love you very much.
Hehe, stupid BABU !

Friday, 22 June 2012

Full of thinking.

Thinking about result
Thinking about studies
Thinking about how to be smart
Thinking about shopping
Thinking about when get newphone
Thinking about PMR left 100days
Thinking about be pretty
Thinking about want cut want hairstyle
Thinking about get new friends
Thinking about blogger become popular
Thinking about new BF
Thinking about how to be nice to everyone
Thinking about wanna be perfect
Thinking about had a good voice
Thinking about stay happy with BFF
Thinking I can enjoy my life.

By the way.....;

I must wait after PMR only can do the thing that I want !
I checked my result online, GOODNEWSSSS !
I'm in TOP 10 -NUMBER 10 XDD
HAHAHA, I am happy now ! :B
Woots ! Work hard !!!

Parent's Day next Friday ! Happy Friday :D
I want my energy to do revision ! Yeahh :3
I can't do that >< Haha, But I want try my best =D

First time felt so happy of my result and my work hard !

After Pmr is my world, ENJOY TIME !
I must wait and stay happy.
Okie, That's all for today ! :3

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I'm back ;)

Exam overrr ! Hoorayy :3 Holiday coming too :B

31/5 had dinner with familyy.

1/6 @ Tesco Ampang with sistar

My first pic of JUNE

26/5 @ Kenanga Wholesale City ! Watch Block-B with crazy friends

Really handsome and cute ! Loveeeee it ! =D


If you had crazy friends, You had everything !

7/6/12 Happy 5th anniversary FTisland ♥ #FTI5LAND

★☆★FT아일랜드 데뷔 5주년


Love them forever and I believe I can be primadonna forever :*

Hope them happy everyday and keep in ROCK.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Let's start 


6/5/12 Today is the last day waikwan tuition at AJK :(
but today got no feeling wanna to cry, just stay happy with her.
Thursday is really sad received the news </3 Anyways, goodbye bye ^o^ XDD

Our memory non-stop ♥
Today take all picture at secret recipe ♥
Best friend forever :D
Say the same thing jekk, haha :P
I will miss you my dear........ XDDD

Today outfit :)
Tuition from 1- 6pm, damn tired.
after that went to dinner n shopping at tesco ampang <3
6/5/12 my beloved daddy birthday !
Happy birthday baba ! XD ♥ ♥
I hope my baba healthy, young, rich forever !! I love you :3
And less smoking larh daddy.... ^o^

5/5/12 Wesak day # I went to watch AMeiZing concert ! damn amazing ♥
Had a nice day :D

This weekend fulled. my homework touch also no touch ....
Too much thing I can't write n forgot many, and new version of blogger, I don't know how to use..T.T

Must more hardworking on my studies, It's May ady !!
Less update blog ady...
Gambateh, I must do it !! :)

Bye n goodnight baby blogger friend :) ♥


有些心裡的話,真的不用說 =') 羅志祥 ♥
學業學業 !! 告訴自己,要加油,反省 !! 
haiz, 羨慕羨慕個屁 ?