Monday, 19 August 2013


中毒了,爱上了新团体 - EXO



刚喜欢不久,得知他们9月要来马来西亚了 !




最好看,好笑的就是快乐大本营 ! 

一定要去看 !

一直找机会去赢票,超级想要去的 ! 加上有 Far east movement 一起来


疯狂来了,好久没去演唱会了 !!!

希望我能赢到 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Holiday Lifeeee

Went to Genting with my childhood friends, had fun with them! Really a great day.
We take photo together, eat everywhere, and walk everywhere, talk alot.
After that We went to Festival City watch (The Conjuring), a horror movie,really felt scary about this movie.
But it's a nice movie ! 

Next, went to work with my lovely cousin 
It's Chinese Festival named 普渡 or 盂兰节
These few day really sleepless, busy and tired, but enjoy and meaningful
Learn alot, and my first time experience to join this festival :)


Today, Green Valentine Day hanging out with babe, happy being with her 
Having brunch at Kim GARY, after that shopping at Jusco
Feel free and enjoy hang out with her, take alot of crazy photo
We bought a cloth, very wild cloth, I love it !
We stay for a long time taking picture in the fitting room ! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I enjoying my holiday and not even touch my homework, I going die soon...............
Because holiday is almost finish........
I'm the last minute HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Tata, update my blog next time, hope you guy enjoy to see my blog ! 
*Broken english too :P

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Helloooo August

Helloooooooooooooo :P 
2013 for me is a bad year and time passed so fast, just a second, It's August now !
I'm form 4 student for this year, it's a lazy lazy year to study and many things I can't understand and focus.
Anyways, gonna say BYE to July <33

July and August for me just a busy month, many ppl birthday, many event, working, and HARI RAYA and school holidayyyyyyy ! I hope myself to be more hardworking and did more revision on every subject that I not good in it and not understanding much..

Tmr is Mummy's birthday tooo ! I going buy a cake for her <333
I will spent my holiday with working, hang out with friends and maybe study ? HAHAHAHHAHAHA
study maybe only coz I'm can't sure that I will go open my book and study lol :P

I will wish that I want to be happy, healthy, hardworking ! 
2 more month final exam is coming, really afraid that coz too much things I not ready 
Happy Hari Raya to my muslim friends and Happy Holiday to everyone xoxo

Last ; 
August, Please Be Good To Me :)