Friday, 26 August 2011

♥ Story # 28

Hello Penang ;DD I'm going tmr

I watching this hk drama.
Damn nice =D Go and watch it
Last time laughing gor becomes laughing Sir =]
Fala Chen cut a sweet short hair, it's nice
But, I love her long hair much abit

My dear friends :
Can you help me do sumthings =]
First, Like this page on facebook:
Dream Shop

My pic

Thx so much :))
This is I first time take part competition on fb
I just try it :X
Win or Lose nvm too `
What ever major loser. XD

I hope this trip will make me happy ;)
My wish I need gambateh to done it ''
Stay smile sweet heart

Click my nuffnang too x)
This my short update, I love to write blog
It to record and share my life.

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