Friday, 26 August 2011

♥ Story # 27

Teehee # ;DD

The exam is over !! x)

Damn happy.. ^^

Holiday is coming too `

First ; For malay ppl ::

Selamat Hari Raya ;D

Second I going penang for 2days 1 nitez

Ohhyeahhh '' :))

I will be right back babee`

Keep visit me ; i will renew next time back with post penang trip x))

22 ogos ; my dear sook lenq go back England ady `

I no the chance to meet her ; TT

I miss her '' =((


Tmr is friday ; free holiday for me xD

I mean ponteng no nid go school ` x)

So boring :X

then sat & sun i go penang play ;

I hope i can happy and cum back KL x)

Then ; my friend all wanna me hang out D;;

i dont know is happy or sad ==

my money is finish xD

roller ? ice-skate ? cheong k ?

$$ I going die xD

bye ; dear click it on nuffnang

you will surpise ` ^^

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