Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hello :D

Hee !!! I'm back, Long time didn't update my blog because of PMR exam and also my computer got problem. Mant thing to blog but without picture ): Coz I lazy to put, too much picture :o

I will start my story since my birthday 19 of September !
It's is a nice day for me XD my favourite day :P
Before my birthday, my buddy Winni Ko Shiau Chwin clebrate with me at SR, haha, I eat alone the cake, coz she said can't share a cake with the birthday girl! LOL = =

It's wednesday, first I thought not going to school, but got someone told me got surprise for me at school, so I need to go school! I entered my class then my classmates gave me present then sang birthday song for me! OMG, I'm so so so shy lah :$ Thx them lah ^^
 They bought a cake for me, I damn shy, they shy too! Hahaha, Really thx them so much who bought the cake for me ! Thanks you :*

After school, my primary school's friend clebrate birthday with me at Black and White cafe! She bought cake also, omg -.- so many cake for this year ! Thx my dear Karisa Teoh ^v^ Had a great day with my friends, I love them so much, really touch ! ;D

Then, my sister also got buy a cake for me SR cake again! I'm getting fatty lah! Anyways, thx my sis ;D
I glad to say again thanks you to all who wish me happy birthday and all my beloved friends !

Next, I be in love :p He born on 24 of June der ! Haha! Don't want write him first :P

Then, 23 of September I went to queue for the ONE FM CONCERT - THE ONE CONCERT, I waited for long long time, tired and hot !!!! Then I went to the concert on 29 september, I'm late then the ticket useless also wtf I queue very tired one they said fulled ady == Then I go find a place I watch lo, Somemore near ! Haha, B1A4 so so cute and handsome ! Haha, Damn love them, they the last group came out -.- Apink also very pretty ! Really tired day, but happy !
After this, I won T-ara showcase ticket for my friend TSEN RING KEE XD
Then, I go with him on 3 Octorber, the showcase 1 hours more only then finish ady zz But We enjoyed ! Haha, after that I met my primary school friend Amy Lim ! We very strange when met, hahaha :$ She said I didn't change still same face !

Then, PMR reached ~~~~~~
Damn stress for my BM, first day right, I think until I wake up early in the morning without alarm ! I essay that I read did'nt out also !! Dont believe tips !! liar !! add on, the novel part is form 2, really angry and dont know what to do == haiz

Stress and stress finally PMR is over ~~~~~~~
I can't feel very happy after PMR over, no mood >.>
Because didnt go clebrate also.

Then then then, I'm going to meet my darling Chan Wai Kwan Haha, english version for you ar soh porr many grammar mistakes lol ! Miss her so much, hahahahahaha, Don't worry about PMR ady lah ! Be happy ^^

Tmr I'm going back my primary school, Can meet many friend ady, must take many picture ;D
I hang out this 3 days, my legs damn tired ! @@
I think still got many thing and event to write lah, picture next time i put ^__^

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