Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bon-odori 2012 ♥

Today went to Bon-odori 2012 with dear friends @ Panasonic Stadium Shah Alam
Today is Valentine, MTVWorldStage and also Bon odori ! XD
Happy today :3

On the bus to the way Bon odori <3

So many ppl went Bon odori, damn hot !
So hard to buy food because too much ppl. :S
I only drink water and eat ice only T^T
Buy nothing D:

Had fun with them, play, talk laugh !
Before home is the most excited ! My friend with her BF XDDD
Dance together with many ppl also nice !

I love my friends so much <3 Wish still got chance go out together !
BFF :D I love take pictures and leave some memories :D

That's all ! I'm tired ! Goodnight =*

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