Sunday, 24 June 2012

I love this weekend ♥


120623 Family saturday :3
Went to Festival City Kuala Lumpur with sisters, Had ShiLin Taiwan Food add on Chatime.
Haha, That day really FULLED.
Then, cousin's house hand-made PANMEE
Really had fun ^^

Sunday- Meet my lougong Babu kia

120624 @ Times square, Kuala Lumpur

Today hanq out is because First wanna meet my dear # YAP JING WEN :$
Second is feel wanna buy thing # bag
Third is feel wanna see the 校草 competition # Handsome guy XD
Four is feel wanna watch movie # MIB 3 AND madagascar 3

At least when to cheong K # Sweat -.-
Dear, First first I don't want go in is because of not so '熟' with your friend then can't enjoy 99 :/
I can cheong K until damn crazy and shout loud loud der -.-

Picture taken @ Sushi King Ts

Cheong K time :) with dear :)
Not so nice :( She dunwant take good good with me :(

See, 扁嘴 :(
Last, my new profile picture on Facebook and Twitter ! :3
Long time no change coz lazy take picture -_-
That all for today and tmr is BadMonday # T^T
Tell myself need to try my best and big smile everyday :D

Thx you my dear today, Woi fanshu I love you very much.
Hehe, stupid BABU !

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