Friday, 10 August 2012


Hi guy ! It's time to blog. I try to design my blog and try to use good english to write my blog. It's hard for me, but I'll try my best. Trial exam is over and I got my History subject 88, Ihope I can get A in all subject but is IMPOSSIBLE :(

2010 until 2012, Did I changed alot ? Hair and face ?
Haha, I miss my short hair feel like want to cut but I scare I will miss my long hair back.
Today didn't go to school because everyone is not going and wanna relax and home.

Today I can go watch Step-up Revolution one ! But my friend's mummy don't let, So sad.

August left 2weeks, September is coming, left 1 month to go. PMR IS COMING :O
My birthday also coming, WHO WILL CELEBRATE WITH ME ?
My aunt the one who call me just now talk about b'day wanna go celebrate because she early me three day b'day.
I hope my friend holding a birthday cake and sing a birthday song for me, That's enough for me ;')
FRIENDSHIP, I don't know what is friendship, my friendship sink ady.

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