Monday, 2 July 2012

Happy 80 B'day to my beloved Grandmother ♥

30/6/12 @翠恆酒家 celebrated my lovely grandmother 80 years old b'day
I wish my granmother can happy, healthy and rich everyday.
I love her very much, she the person who take care me from small.
Thx you very much dear grandma !
I love you much as I can :D

My beautiful grandmother with the beautiful cake too !
She really touch when everyone singing Birthday Song and kiss her :$
She shy too .. :$
祝嫲嫲福如東海,壽比南山 ; 健健康康,平平安安。
真的很難忘的一天 !
蛋糕很美,也很好吃 ~
嫲嫲和媽咪弄得紅雞蛋,好意頭 !
My daddy kissed my grandma :*
My dad is the youngest in the family, My grandma live with us too.
So, our relationship is the most good ^^
My daddy the first ppl who kiss her, everyone also followed. HAHA XD
My pretty mommy and handsome daddy.
My sisters, 2 grandma and I :D #

Whole family - Tan family.
Got some absent, not so perfect.

Sistars ~
At last, my picture taken on the way

That all for today. Need study now. Trial is coming.
Time left for Trial is 1 month
Time left for PMR is 3 month.
No more time to play, is this to work hard !
But I still fall a sleep when revision in the afternoon :(
I will fulled my July with some activities.
Let's fight for PMR together !


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