Saturday, 9 July 2011

Report card day :)

:: 110708 Report card day ##

Ignore my ugly face =(
But this it's my smile, I try to improve my english
My english get C in exam in middle exam x(

I feel today is a nice day :)
I went to school for 2 hours,after that my mom come and took my report card.
Then,I walk with my mom to a food court find my dad have a tea :)

Nice whether too ! ♥

Reached home at 5 p.m.
I had a good mood to take picture xD
I posted at blogger only, facebook posted abit x)
So, u don't laugh on my stupid face ><
play wif my Bobo dog :目

hey you ! what u looking about me o.o
Blekkkkk ~~~ :P
Hahahahahah ` my dog can talk =D

My pichaa started now x))

Pose #1
So sad, my mom said about me dunwan learn english, thats why get C !!

Pose #2
My smile so ugly isn't ?! ==
I don't care la....Smile is the best ^^

Pose #3

Pose #4

Pose #5

Enough a not ~.~
I think my happy life is coming !!!!!! xD
I signed up nuffnang x)
I want earn money and learn how to improve my english `
My dear visitor ♥
Can click on the advertisment before you leave ^^
Thx you very much ^^

Tomorrow I going my school Jogathon for running xD
Arrrrr ..... TOT
Next post I will write is about Jogathon or with my babee outing

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