Monday, 2 January 2012

New life_ ♥

First of jannuary, I stay at home for whole day ................................ :S
But at night my family and I went to cousin' house again, my sis bring us go buy chatime
Damn! traffic jam \./

Lastly, get chatime, everythings forget just now =D
Then, next round watch movie teehee -->

An army ghost story 23.59
Abit funny abit horror... I feel ok about this movie `
Then, go back Pandan Indah Inhouse eat supper !
my favourite HONEY MILK damn sweet :S

Reach home 2++, TIRED !!
wash face then sleep zZ

Next day -->


Went to shopping :D
Sungai wang + Times square, I feel very tired arrrr
I didnt wear lens at all. Walking I feel very sleepy ~.~

I bought A cloth and a pants ·
Went home faster ._.
Not yet buy shoes....

Back home but didnt sleep :(
After dinner had dessert ` all of my family love it ! <3
I damn love, kekeke x)

Stay tuned ! I will upload my child cute picture ! xD

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