Sunday, 4 September 2011

♥ Story # 30

Hello hello =DD
This post is the most longest =w=
I upload pic also take long time :XX
Penang picture too much, so I choose the nicer one''

Snake Temple `
Nothing to see ==

This i dunknow wat temple ady ; XD

Ignore my stupid face :SS

Asam laksa x))

I damn like it, I try three type laksa at there xD


On top pic is # day 1

Late reach there :S

KL always shopping ady ; go penang also went to penang @@

After shop ; go back check in hotel ;DD

Tired #.#

Then, Still dunwan rest

Go out food court eat xDD

Day # 2

Penang Hill x]]

The train damn fast, 5 minutes reached =DD
The view so nice ; I love it

Fresh air too xD

India temple ~

Everyone pay attention !!! - -

See the price of grasshopper ; how much how much ?? xD

RM 200 isnt ?! ==

First, I thinking_one grasshopper need 200 ?? =o

U all think how much? xD

Answer is RM2 . 00


Special flower, KL cant found it xD

Ignore my face XDD

AHAHAH ; the dog so kesian~

12 zodiac ; see got less one a not `

The fish dam beautiful,so big & fat XD

Last view of penang bridge =]

enough anot ? =))

# 110903

Had a date with babuu,riing kee & other xD

Crazy really make me crazy ==

Long time didnt meet her`

miss her ; she still blurrrr xD !!

--Watch the blue colour "smurfs"--

I feel boring :XX

After that, shopping time x)

Damn funny, she dunknow how to explain [chocotop]

Meet primary friend's Carmen Tan =]


I skip many things_____

Forgive me T0T

Haizzz =((


my beloved FT ISLAND cum MALAYSIA !!!!!!

I cant go meet them''


I stop here =]

So hard to write this post//

take long time

so,help me click the NUFFNANG

Thankiewww so much

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