Friday, 12 December 2014

Sum up of 2014

Hi guys! I'm back. I have leave my blog for almost a year coz 2014 was my SPM year also my senior year . Before end of 2014, let's talk about what happen this year. It's is a tough year for me, for my country too. Many bad things happened around me.

First of all, I have done with SPM. my school life was ended. Time flies so damn fast!! 5 years have passed I have to decide what course should I take and which college should I choose. Hmmm..somethings annoyed me everyday, I still haven't get a part time job! I repeated the same things everyday SLEEP/ EAT / ONLINE / WATCH MOVIE / REPEATTTTTTTT 

I have set so many target and wishlist, but I have to achieve it step by step. I wish that I still a kid. No need to worry so much about money, social interaction,  friends being, family. and loves. I really want to improve my english so much since my english always get a B or C. I hope you guys don't laugh on my grammar mistake. Anyways, I will start blogging my new life. Step into the reality life style. WELCOME *claps*

I know I will face all the obstacle along the way. No idea with it. Have to do it hardly. Everything gonna be new. Unluckily, my facebook account was hacked, hmmm... I have no choice coz I can't get it back. So I decide to register a new account or maybe a new email too. Maybe this is the chance to renew my life. hmmm

Alot of things I want to learn about it, Alot of new people I going to meet, just like a new chapter of my life. Gonna be colourful 2015 right ? I wish I could always think positive for everythings. Happy go lucky. Besides, I hope I have someone to guide me on where should I go, what is my future career?  I don't know what is my interest and I'm a science stream student, just hope that my spm result will be fine.

Okay, It's time to bed. Bye!

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