Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pre driving course

Helloooo ! went to driving lesson class as called "undang kursus" for total 6 hours !!! damn bored and tired, I wonder why got this class add on the 6 hours pass damn slow but anyways I got this sorpor go wtih me. I have insomnia so I just slept for 3 hours + ughhh.. the next day having headache with unwell feeling to the class. ohgod

Why I don't born earlier, There's a new part of the lesson - checking the engine stuff zzz i don't think so ppl will do it before drive, Who having time to check all this . sigh. Besides,  I don't know what is the lecturer talking the whole 6 hours expect the lame video haha and I laugh out loud coz inside the video is the lecturer himself doing demo open the doors with a style checking the tyres hahaha

heheeeee, can't wait to drive lastly I still keep thinking my batch is so unlucky lol

After that, I accompany her to buy gift for her anniversary, haha annoying girl :p

Lastly, I spent a wonderful and tiring day with her, my BFF <3
I just hope to get a job that can work with her, pls let this happen coz this stupid really need me becoz she really stupid hahaha love yaaaa 

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