Friday, 26 December 2014

Pikom Fair 2014

Hi I'm back here. I worked for pikom fair 2014 from 19dec till 21 dec. The 3 days passsed so damn torment coz it's really tired and hard to get sale. Luckily I met some friends at pc fair. She is Yan Yee, 18 years old, she so friendly and treat me like an old friend. Thanks her for cheer me up, take care of me :*

Next, She is Eudora, what a cute name and a cute 19 years old girl too. Haha, luckily she is there with me, protect me, help me and gossip with me. 

He is Jimmy, a guy who helping me a lot. 

Hey there whatsupppp. Haha I met my senior. So happy to see him. 


Got this as free gift. Haha 秘笈? No. It's just a note book, haha it's cute whatever 

Lastly, I bought a bag at typo. Choose pugs not drug. 

Okay. I'm back to jobless again. I really need a job pls someone hire me !!! I'm going take undang exam soon. wish me luck pls I must passssssssss
Add on those feeling for plkn. sighhhh. affect my studies to go on. WHAT TO DO
last, 3 weeks without him. Miss him everynight makes me insomnia I really hate that feeling. I dont want to miss you, pls go awayyyyyyyyy.

Okay bye

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