Thursday, 1 August 2013

Helloooo August

Helloooooooooooooo :P 
2013 for me is a bad year and time passed so fast, just a second, It's August now !
I'm form 4 student for this year, it's a lazy lazy year to study and many things I can't understand and focus.
Anyways, gonna say BYE to July <33

July and August for me just a busy month, many ppl birthday, many event, working, and HARI RAYA and school holidayyyyyyy ! I hope myself to be more hardworking and did more revision on every subject that I not good in it and not understanding much..

Tmr is Mummy's birthday tooo ! I going buy a cake for her <333
I will spent my holiday with working, hang out with friends and maybe study ? HAHAHAHHAHAHA
study maybe only coz I'm can't sure that I will go open my book and study lol :P

I will wish that I want to be happy, healthy, hardworking ! 
2 more month final exam is coming, really afraid that coz too much things I not ready 
Happy Hari Raya to my muslim friends and Happy Holiday to everyone xoxo

Last ; 
August, Please Be Good To Me :)

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