Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013 ♥

Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imma sweet sixteen this year, Started my Form 4 life !!!

 My new hairstyle for 2013, Isn't suit me ? Hmmm...
Happy new year to everyone, Wish everyone had a great year ! 
I'm know I'm late to blogging about new year and my holiday life. 
All because I'm lazy and no time to online, all my time spent on working and hang out.
One more reason is I always use my smartphone to online and didn't on my CP :3
I love my life now, my family, my baby boy and my crazy friends :D

School reopen on page 2 of 365 
I hate school life because need to wake up early and face the teachers 
First day of school I felt very tired and boring !
Clean my table and chair, brought the heavy books..
The thing that I can't accept is my Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Add Math textbook all in BM !!!
Really shit day ! Full of shit ! :X
My PMR is not important ady, is passed... Anyways I got 6A1B.
Now Form 4 teachers said now is the the beginning to work hard !!!
I will work hard and study well !!!! 

I will repost my NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER life.
If I free and not lazy. Hahaha. :p
GTG, Sleep early and keep my textbooks.
Goodnight world and sweet dream :* 

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