Thursday, 23 June 2011

* English update ^^


Today I using english for this post, Teehee ;D
I wanna improve my english !!!!!!!! Gambateh nehhh ='(

Good news here ;D
My new doggie !
Hehehe x))

School life is boring and tired :X
Add on tuition,doing folio
and my school having JOGATHON ! = =
Anyone here wanna donate for me =D

Let's start my topic ` x)

My fav korean group band !


They new japanese single album again =]

Let it go ! Yeahh ^^

Fighting My lovers.....I hope they got a good release for this album !
I love HELLO HELLO so much ! :*
dear hongki hand pose ; babyy I super like it !

Next guest is Beast !!!!!!!!
They coming to M'sia on 1/7 at Sunway Lagoon !!!!!!!!
I had a chance to win their ticket on MYFM
but I think I cant did it =(
So sad,I hope got any miracle !!!!!!
Today I got no tuition,I listening to MYFM for call in and win ticket !
Today got no any information for beast !!!
Argggggg @@
How I should do......

Gudnite World !! x)
Have A nicee dayy ``


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