Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June :)

Start my June life with working day

argue with her again 

with my workmate pic :) 

they very nice and friendly

when working I saw Leng Yein

she very skinny haha :))

After that having steamboat and cheong k

damn happy :))) 

very enjoy, thx them very much, forgot to take pic with them  ><

5days no back home make my family so worry me 

really felt so sorry to them 

so many things in this world

I wonder la, how to live in peace

June is someone birthday here

I ady done imagine what I wanna do for him 

why I want like that I wonder

9th of June is coming too, that is our 9 month anniversary

forgot about it la 

I give up ady :))

Suddenly feel the world left myself

I afraid of the ppl I most believe will betray me

I just want a real heart 

I will treat you as how you treat me :))

My holiday life passed so fast and I skipped tuition many times and no did any revision for study

school reopen is going die

because the horrible result is coming to face it 

I just hope every subject and pass ! 

god bless

nowdays always jealous of ppl

I want be more good 

I work hard ady

but always cant did that 

always dissapointed

add on i always think so much

no one care me 

like that

like shit

make myself emo

I hope no problem in my life 

but that is impossible

I hate working but i need money

im not rich that why need to work

i want go travel whole world 

going insane

June pls be good to me :)

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