Saturday, 21 April 2012

Happy n tired :D

I lazy n tired to upload many pictures.
So, so, so ! Forgive me :3

Today my school having a FunFair program.
Damn nice :D When I choose the song bigbang -"Fantastic baby" I very excited!!
I only had a fried ice-cream for my breakfast + lunch -.-

Then.... I start play the games :D
Hot, rain, happy, sad !!
I get a box and a pendrive :/ I want the cut the rope doll :s !!

After that, rush and go for eat Snowflake.
enjoy ~~~~
KFC also :P

After that, We went to kota raya.
sad n tired story:/
walk for million step,arrrg
My legs now is pain n tired !! :(

When reached home, bath n go eat steambot + BBq !!
I damn love it, nice n nice :D
Fulled with everything !

I wanna go do piggie larr. Gudnitez baby !! XD
I love today <3
Everything is nice n happy !!
I love my FnF =D

mwakzzz :*


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